• Introducing the New Minuteman 320 & Patriot 338 Bar Feeders

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  • Economical Bar Feeding Solutions

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  • Heavy Metal

    The FMB product line of bar feeders and bar loaders covers all of your lathe automation needs. From the Micromag 18 up to the robust Turbo 8-80... Read More
  • Collets & Guide Bushings

    Schlenker is a unique, versatile manufacturer of high quality German collets and guide bushings for all common machine types.

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Edge Technologies is proud to offer advanced productivity solutions for your bar feeding and bar loading needs. We bring to the marketplace superior product lines with very competitive prices. Specializing in CNC lathe automation, Edge Technologies showcases some of the finest bar feeders and short loaders in the world, such as the FMB Machinery and Edge line of bar feeders. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clientele. We strive for this not only with the high quality of our product lines, but with a commitment to superior customer service!


These models are designed for flexibility, offering a small foot print per unit. The Short Loader models allow for long periods of unattended operation because of large magazine capacities and auto bar loading. If you need a cost effective solution to automate your lathes, the Edge Technologies line of automatic bar feeders and short loaders are the answer.

Ease to use

The FMB product line of bar feeders and bar loaders covers all of your lathe automation needs and can support bar stock in a diameter range of .8mm-80mm and in lengths of 6’-24’ for CNC lathes. These ‘Heavy Metal’ marvels are built to last. If you have a bar feeding need, Edge Technologies has the FMB Machinery bar feeder to solve your CNC lathe automation process.