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Loading Systems

Loading Systems can vastly improve your productivity thru automation and space saving design. Edge Technologies has developed the Rebel 102 Servo SE short loader, FleXsys loader, and VacXtract loader/unloader to boost your efficiency levels, maximizing your profits and minimizing man hours and machine down-time.

Rebel 102 Servo SE

The Rebel 102 Servo SE is a compact bar loading system for processing bars in the diameter range of 8 - 102mm and in lengths up to 1520mm (5’) for CNC lathes. With a large magazine capacity allowing for long unattended operation, the Rebel combines the advantages of auto bar loading with a small footprint at an economical price. Learn more about the Rebel 102 Servo SE short loading system.

FleXsys LE - Loader/Unloader

The FleXsys LE is a loading and unloading system for automation, specifically long shaft jobs. The loader is designed to feed and retract bar stock up to 37” long with single spindle CNC lathes, maximizing your productivity and minimizing down time. Learn more about the FleXsys LE Loader / Unloader.

VacXtract - Loader

The Edge Technologies’ VacXtract is an unloading system designed to automate your CNC lathe's operations. A high powered vacuum removes the part via the sub-spindle and gently places it in the parts bin delivering a pristine part every time. The VacXtract's small footprint saves floor space while vastly improving your production via automation. Learn more about the VacXtract Bar Loading System.

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