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Load / Unload Systems

An extensive family of bar loading & unloading solutions including Swiss, Sliding, or Fixed headstock CNC lathes can handle diameters ranging from .08-100mm. Lathe Spindle Loaders and Multispindle Stockreel Loaders range up to 100mm.

Edge Technologies works hard to offer the highest quality products available. Quality parts and craftsmanship keep your lathe bar loader running long and efficiently.

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Rebel 80 Servo Unloader

The Rebel 80 Servo Unloader is a compact unloading system for CNC lathes for parts in the diameter range of 8 - 80mm. The Rebel 80 Servo Unloader combines automatic part unloading with a small footprint and economical price.

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Rebel 102 Servo SE Slug Loader

The Rebel 102 Servo SE Slug Loader is a compact bar loading system for processing bars in the diameter range of 8 - 102mm and in lengths up to 1520mm (5') for CNC lathes.

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FleXsys LE

The FleXsys LE loader is designed to feed and retract bar stock up to 37" long with single spindle CNC lathes, maximizing your productivity and minimizing down time.

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