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Superior Quality Schlenker offers a complete line of superior quality workholding collets and guide bushings for applications requiring high precision and accuracy. They are simply the best you can buy. Here is a sample of what Schlenker offers:

  • Special solutions / customized solutions
    • Expanding mandrel
    • Reduction sleeve
    • Supports
    • Option long parts on request
    • Special clamping sleeve for laser application
    • Special stem collet chucks
  • Collette chucks
    • Pressure collet chucks
    • Grippers
    • ER collet chucks and tapping collets
    • Clamping heads
    • Draw-in collets
    • Synchronous collet chucks
    • Hydromat collet chucks
  • Guide bushings
    • Flexible SDK guide bush
    • SZZ guide bush
    • Adjustable guide bushes
    • Programmable guide bush
  • Clamping sleeves
  • Bearings
  • Spindle reducer

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Overgrip Collet

  • For gripping over a large surface to a smaller diameter
  • Used on a pick-off spindle when it is required to clear a shoulder and grip on a smaller diameter beyond, such as screws or bolts. (over the shoulder collet)

Extended Nose Collet
Featuring the Schlenker S-Slot Design

  • No debris in the collet, since it completely closes
  • Clamping without marks on the material
  • Concentricity of the collet <0.005 mm
  • Deviations of the material can be by-passed
  • Ideal for square- and hex material
  • High and even tension
  • Easy to clean after the use
  • Assists with tool clearance in work envelope

Fully Sealed Collet
Brass | Synthetic | Aluminum

  • Prevents stains on the material
  • Inserts are exchangeable after wearing and tearing
  • Ideal for material sensitive to scratching and excellent for smooth pick-up


Long Nose Guide Bushings

  • Improved workholding stability by shifting guide area forward

Guide Bushing with Extended HM Insert

  • Guiding surface up to 40mm
  • Capable of machining a larger part
  • High concentricity

SB Guide Bushings

  • For use with materials with hard gliding properties - such as titanium
  • Prevents welding together of guiding area and part
  • Precision workholding ideal for swiss machines

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